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Guides are required to deliver a safety briefing at the beginning of each tour, which will cover information and any guidelines that will ensure your safety throughout the tour. All our guides carry with them an incident logbook, to record any incidents that may take place whilst travelling in our care. Our guides also travel with risk assessments relevant to your tour and a names sheet, which ensures all guests are accounted for at regular intervals.


first aid


A first aid kit is always present on board our coaches for self-use, although we do recommend groups travel with their own first aider where possible.


We travel with:


First Aid Kit

Risk assessments

Incident log book

Names Sheet

Fire Extinguisher on board every coach


We ensure:


All our hotels are inspected, insured and supply relevent emergency instructions in every room.


We only use qualified drivers and ensure that they comply with UK and European law governing drivers hours.


All coaches are properly equipped with seatbelts, first aid kit and fire extinguishers and comply with UK and European leglislation.


Our risk assessments are available upon request.

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